Sunday, 4 December 2011

Anglesea Barracks Open Day

On Saturday 3rd December, Anglesea Barracks held an open day to mark 200 years.  I went along with my Dad to check out the old buildings and have a stroll around the barracks.  It was an enjoyable day, we got their very early to beat the crowds through the gates. We decided to look in the museum first as neither of us had ever been there before.  The museum is amazing and I strongly recommend it as a place to visit, it’s open to the public and I’m sure times can be found online.  There are wonderful photographs lining the walls of the museum, the displays are astounding and I’m told that they change them around constantly.  I saw a lot of war medals including a Victoria Cross, which excited me as I’d only ever seen photos of them.  Uniforms were on display and they were in such good condition.  Dad and I spent a fair bit of time looking through the museum and a display set aside from the museum that was full of uniforms, helmets, belts and information about the regiments over the years. 

Monday, 28 November 2011

Which Way Is Right

This photography is the right way up.  I took it as I was about to walk in my front door. Yet something seems strange about it. Perhaps it's the white thing stuck up the top.  Well, whatever it is, my picture looks like it could go in all directions but still look upside down.  It's really bothering me but I really do like the picture.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Happy Birthday Cocoa

Today is Cocoa's 9th Birthday.  As I write this he is sitting on the back of the lounge enjoying the sun that's coming through the window.  I can't believe he's nine, it still feels like yesterday when we were bringing him home for the first time. 

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Sun and Rain

The other day I left the house and there was a bright blue sky, a couple of fluffy white clouds and it was warm.  I'm glad I brought my gloves and big coat with me, it ended up becoming windy, cold and raining heavily.  I love spring.

Friday, 9 September 2011


I love Spring, I love all the pretty flowers popping up everywhere. 

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

It's Rained A Lot

It's rained a lot this winter.  It seems to be raining every second day, the sky right now is threatening to rain any moment. I just hope it holds off until this afternoon at least.

Friday, 26 August 2011

The picture is better than the real thing

This is my favourite part of my bedroom.  Yes I know they are torn blinds and they really look disgusting but they're right above my desk and I spend a lot of time sitting at my desk staring out that hole.  My cat Hawkeye did it, he was walking along the window and slipped and fell through the blinds.  Although I can't wait to get proper curtains one day.  I think I just like the photo more than the actual blinds in all honesty. I've always preferred black and white photos.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Sunday Afternoons

Jorjie joined my sister and I out the front of our house yesterday.  She's not the best dog to take for a walk, she's lazy and prefers to be carried on her walks.  She does enjoy getting out on her harness but she gets a little too excited and bolts up the driveway.  My sister thought it was amusing that such a little dog managed to drag me up the driveway.   I realised that I haven't taken many photographs of Jorjie recently, I used to take her photo at least every second day.  I like this photo. 

The weather was nice yesterday, it was warm and pleasant. Spring is really pushing Winter away. The cold nights are very rare now, the cold days are becoming warm days and it's not as overcast or wet.  Yesterday I was out delivering the free newspaper, I finished and was waiting near the beach to be picked up.  I noticed a lot of people have returned to the beach, there were runners, joggers and power walkers, there were couples taking walks together and there were families enjoying the day together.  I've pretty much had that area to myself since winter began, I miss how deserted it was but it's nice to see people returning.  It's a nice beach.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

If I don't wear glasses

When I'm not wearing my glasses this is what my eye sight looks like.  I am talking about the cow and not the fence.  A long time ago when I took this photo I hated it.  I couldn't get the colours right, the cow wasn't in focus and I thought it was pretty rubbish.  I like it for all those reasons now. 

Monday, 15 August 2011

I Like Bees

I thought that today I'd begin to share some of my photography.  I like to crawl around underneath large bushes and take photographs looking up at the sky.  I also like bees, as long as they don't sting me.

Harry Potter

It’s been a couple of weeks since I went and saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 at the cinema. I don’t go to the cinema that often, the ticket prices are ridiculous so it has to be a movie that I am pretty sure that I’ll like. I wasn’t disappointed with Harry Potter, I never am.  After seeing the movie my sister and I discussed it as we walked away from the cinema towards the car park where our mum was waiting to take us home, we spoke about it in the car, we spoke a bit when we got home and then talked about all the books and films at length while we delivered the free news paper.  The end result of that discussion was that we both enjoyed the film.  I have continued to think about the film, especially Snape. Snape was always my favourite character ever since the beginning, anybody who knew me ten years ago could tell you that.  I have been on an emotional journey with Snape ever since.  Then there is Neville Longbottom who I always had a soft spot for, the final book and film are his turn to shine and show just how strong he really is. 

I have this feeling of sorrow in my heart now that the final movie has been finished.  It’s the same feeling I had when I finished reading the last book, there is no more Harry Potter.  Harry Potter means a lot to me, it actually means more to me than any other series of books has and probably ever will.  It was my childhood. Ten years ago I was nine years old, I hadn’t read the book but I went along to the cinema because my younger sister had read the books and really wanted to see the movie.  I loved it; I became obsessed with Harry Potter since then.  I’ve grown up with Harry Potter, I read the books as they were released, I had them ordered and I faithfully read them the day they were released in Tasmania.  Back when the first film had been released and it turned out to be a massive fan favourite all around the world, they had a lot of Harry Potter themed things.  I had a Snape action figure who has sadly gone missing over the years.  He was awesome; his cloak would always fall off though which was a bit bothersome.  My sister always wanted a Fluffy toy which she never got and has recently been reminding us all. I remember how you could buy Bertie Botts every flavour beans, I loved them.  I hated the tomato flavoured ones, they were disgusting. You could also get Chocolate Frogs which had collect able cards from the first two films; there is probably a stack of them somewhere around the house.  I seem to remember getting a rather large amount of Professor McGonagall cards and Hermione Granger.  I wish they still made those frogs, I think they were nine-nine cents each, I remember you could get them at the counter of Mitre10.

I had a Harry Potter glass once upon a time before I was a proper fan, I can’t remember who bought them for myself and my sister but I ended up using mine to clean my paint brushes as I fancied myself as a bit of an artist back then.  (Good thing I saw some sense and stopped) I had a Harry Potter sticker book too, I seemed to get a lot of sticker books for different things, Pok√©mon, The Saddle Club, AFL etc.  But Harry Potter, Harry and all the other characters are like real people in my life. They’ve been there for so long, so to have the series end is a bit life altering.  There are no new movies to wait for, I’ve always told myself not to get too excited of the Harry Potter movies but the moment the first poster and trailer are released I’m pumped. In 2003 I went over to a friends’ house to work on a school project we were doing together, she had a Harry Potter Computer game which I thought was brilliant.  I wish I had a Harry Potter computer game.

Now that the final movie has been released into the world and I have seen it there is only one thing left to do. I can re-watch all the Harry Potter films and re-read all the Harry Potter books over and over again. Also I can read three other Harry Potter related books that J.K. Rowling wrote.  I know the first book inside out; and almost every night when I was eleven, Stephen Fry would read the book to me on the audio cassette I was given for my eleventh birthday.  During the winter time I listened to it every night and had to move the CD player closer to my bed so I didn’t have to get out of my warm bed to change the tapes over to the other side.  Whenever I have finished all my library books I wander over to my Harry Potter books and read them like there’s no tomorrow.  At least once a year I find myself revisiting that world.  I’m looking forward for the release of the final movie on DVD now.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

New Blog

I have no special talents to broadcast to the world. I cannot sing or dance.  I can’t act; I can’t play a musical instrument. I haven’t done something amazing like sail around the world solo, and I haven’t survived a terrible natural disaster. I haven’t beaten the odds of some medical condition, and I’m not academically gifted. I’m not a funny person, I don’t meet lots of new interesting people to write about. I have just never done anything remotely exciting or life changing. I don’t live in some remote place that nobody ever sees.  So why should I really bother?

I used to blog with my photography and I wish to continue.  I had to have a break, ever since I left school and tried to do something it made me upset and angry.  There were many times I considered throwing my camera into the blowhole.  After a while of not picking up my camera I’ve started to warm to the idea of photography again.  While I’ve been contemplating destroying my camera, I’ve been fixing up old family photographs and editing photos from the past.  My older work by far has been much better than my recent things, this is because I lived for photography back then and in the past year I’ve put too much though into it and it just wasn’t fun, it became a chore.  I’m glad I’ve given up DeviantART. I will never upload there again, and once I remember my password I will delete all photographs left in my gallery.  I recently deleted my old flickr account too. It felt good.

I don’t care about photos that aren’t “perfect”. I don’t care if my landscapes aren’t perfectly straight. I don’t have a tripod and it’s very hard to photograph a perfect landscape when your hands shake.  I like my animals in photos when they’re blurred because they’re playing and I’ve captured them doing something they enjoy, instead of me forcing them to sit still for that perfect portrait and trying to make them do something cute.  I don’t care if there’s a stick or rock in the middle of my picture; I won’t photoshop it out because we were both present on the day I took the photo, so why should I exclude it?  I like feedback but it doesn’t bother me if people hate my photos. It did once upon a time but everyone is entitled to their opinions, including me.  I blog for my own enjoyment, I suppose it’s a bit of a substitute for my grade seven English journal.  I miss writing in that.  It’s funny but even just writing a random blog post I end up getting defence and feel the need to explain myself. Bad habits are hard to break. 
It's been a bit bothersome without having a computer that works properly, right now we still don't have word on this computer which is actually more annoying than it sounds.  I never realised how much I use word. At least this computer lets me blog, the old one wouldn't.