Sunday, 4 December 2011

Anglesea Barracks Open Day

On Saturday 3rd December, Anglesea Barracks held an open day to mark 200 years.  I went along with my Dad to check out the old buildings and have a stroll around the barracks.  It was an enjoyable day, we got their very early to beat the crowds through the gates. We decided to look in the museum first as neither of us had ever been there before.  The museum is amazing and I strongly recommend it as a place to visit, it’s open to the public and I’m sure times can be found online.  There are wonderful photographs lining the walls of the museum, the displays are astounding and I’m told that they change them around constantly.  I saw a lot of war medals including a Victoria Cross, which excited me as I’d only ever seen photos of them.  Uniforms were on display and they were in such good condition.  Dad and I spent a fair bit of time looking through the museum and a display set aside from the museum that was full of uniforms, helmets, belts and information about the regiments over the years.